Nancy Tucker Art

My Art


My life and passion for painting has been enriched by cultural experiences from living, teaching and learning in different parts of the world – South America, Turkey and Africa. In Angola I taught art to a group of children in an orphanage and managed to get them to exhibit their work in order to fund their education. I have continued with my voluntary work in London where I teach Art to the “Colombian Pensioners Club”

From this fantastic, cultural, exposure comes all the intensity and the creative expression seen in the main focus of my subject matter –

“The Loads That Women Carry”.

Using oils, I have developed my pallet to truly reflect my awareness of what I saw and felt in my childhood and later life. In my canvases, impregnated with color, I want to portray that Universe of Harmony and Sensuality displayed by women – in spite of the societal and physical loads carried by them.

I did my first solo exhibition in Pueyredon Museum in Buenos Aires and, since then, I have managed to hold a solo exhibition every 2 years in each of the different countries in which I have lived, namely; Argentina, the Museum of contemporary art in Ankara Turkey and the Natural History Museum in Angola.

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